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Morning Class
with The Royal Swedish Ballet

CD Album

Recorded at the Royal Opera of Sweden in Stockholm, this CD compilation is the result of half a decade of close collaboration between Anna Grabka as a ballet master of the Royal Swedish Ballet and Anna Buchenhorst. The training served as a daily forum for exploring and refining the relationship between ballet movement and music.

Anna Grabka’s profound knowledge of suitable music for ballet class as well as a deep musical understanding made the morning class easy and delightful for the company.

All tracks have a preparation of four counts and for the sake of variety exercises at the barre are repeated with a change of music. This record is intended for both professionals and students in their daily exercises, as well as for everyone’s listening pleasure.

Full Track Listing
Total time: 75’19


Foot exercise, en face to the barre       2’43

A. Borodin: Dance of the Young Polovetsian Maidens            

Plié, gr. pliés & port de bras       4’57                      

F. Chopin: Scherzo No.1 in B minor
J. Brahms: Intermezzo, Op.119 No.2

B. Tendu      1’46
J.S. Bach: Second movement from Concerto in F minor, BWV 1056

B. Tendu regular       1’36     
J. Pachelbel: Canon

B. Tendu (quickly)       1’14      
W.A. Mozart: ‘Rondo alla turca’ from Sonata in A major, KV 331

B. Tendu jeté regular       0’39     
P. Tchaikovsky: ‘The Sick Doll’ from Children´s Album, Op.39

B. Tendu jeté (quickly)     0’59
C. Czerny: Étude

Rond de jambe par terre      4’54
G. Puccini: Tosca
F. Chopin: Nocturne in C-sharp minor, Op.posth.
A. Buchenhorst: Russian Rond

B. Fondu      2’18
F. Chopin: Nocturne in C minor, Op.48 No.1

B. Frappé with petit battement      0’56
L. Delibes: Pizzicato-Polka

Rond de jambe en l´air      1’28
R. Schumann: Valse noble from Carnaval, Op.9

Adagio      2’25
P. Tchaikovsky: Theme and Variations

Gr. battement      1’16
G. Rossini: The Thieving Magpie Overture

Stretching      4’16
C. Debussy: Clair de lune from Suite bergamasque


Small adagio with battement tendu & piruette on the spot      2’15
J.S. Bach: Sicilienne, BWV 1031
F. Schubert: Impromptu in B-flat major, D 935 No.3

B. Fondu      1’07
F. Chopin: Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op.9 No.1

Piruette travel      6’18
L. Delibes: Naïla
R. Schumann: Promenade
F. Chopin: Mazurka in B major, Op.7 No.1, Mazurka in A minor, Op. posth.
C. Czerny: Pas de mazurka from the ballet Étude
E. Grieg: Anitra´s Dance from Peer Gynt
H. Wieniawski: Mazurka in A minor

Frappé & petit battement      0’49
S. Joplin: The Entertainer

Gr. battement      1’28
J. Brahms: Waltz, Op.39 No.11

Gr. piruette      1’26
I. Dunayevsky: Waltz

Gr. adagio      1’28
F. Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte, Op.53 No.2

Fouette en tournant, coda      1’03
P. Tchaikovsky: Pas de deux from Swan Lake (original version)


Petit sauté      0’26
S. Rachmaninoff: Polka italienne

Echappé      1’14
S. Prokofiev: March, Op.65 No 10
L. Delibes: Pas de Naïla (Polka-Scherzo)

Assamble      1’31
S. Joplin: Pine Apple Rag; Magnetic Rag

Jeté      1’54
J. Strauss Jr.: Polka (included in the ballet Le Beau Danube)

Sissonne ouverte or sissonne fermé      2’20
J. Strauss Jr.: Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410

Gr. assamble      2’16
Tchaikovsky: Pas de deux from Swan Lake (original version);
L. Minkus: Pas d´esclave from Le Corsaire

Gr. allegro or manage      1’43
A. Crain: Laurencia
L. Minkus: La Bayadère

Tour en l´air      0’43
I. Dunayevsky: Music from the film The Shining Path
F. Kreisler: Schön Rosmarin


Relevé      0’50
B. Bartók: Romanian Folk Dance No.2 (‘Peasant Costume’)

Echappé en pointé      1’24
G.F. Händel: Gavotte – Dance Movement No.11

Sissonne simple en pointé      1’15
J.F.F. Burgmüller: Peasant pas de deux from Giselle

Ballonné      1’34
A. Buchenhorst: Mazurka
Vårvindar friska (Swedish folksong)

Polonaise      0’43
F. Chopin: Polonaise, Op.40 No.1

Waltz      1’51
F. Chopin: Nocturne, Op.9 No.1

Pas curu      1’12
J. Brahms: Hungarian Dance No.5

Diagonal, coda      1’02
A. Adam: Le Corsaire, Giselle

Port de bras      0’40
J. Brahms: Waltz, Op.39 No.3


F. Mendelssohn: Venetianisches Gondellied (Lieder ohne Worte, Op.30 No.6)      4’01

A. Marcello (transcription by J.S. Bach): Adagio from Oboe Concerto, BWV 974      2’58